Thursday, February 25, 2010

"this is how you make a rainbow".

i was emptying out katie's backpack last night when i found this


now, keep in mind that i am not a terribly sentimental person....and most papers that come home from school i look at and then they go straight into the recycle bin. seriously, if i saved all her stuff (from school and that she does at home) i would need an extra bedroom to start stacking all the piles of paper. really. i'm sure she kills a small forest single-handedly monthly. i only save my *very-most-favorite-things*. this is one of them.


  1. Ok, that has to be the cutest damn thing I have ever seen and she's not even my child. Do you do any digital scrapbooking or make those photo books on MyPublisher? That would make a great cover!!

  2. aww thanks :) i've never tried digital scrapbooking....i used to *regular* scrapbook all the time though til it fell by the wayside to my sewing addiction :) my oldest has a *pretty good* scrapbook, my middle has an *alright* scrapbook, and well, sam doesn't even have one. ooops. hopefully the other 2 won't tell him it's because i didn't love him as much LOL

    someone told me that you could print out your BLOG into a THAT i'd be interested in! and then i could use her art for the cover!


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