Monday, March 16, 2009

katie's first skate lesson

today was katie's first ice-skating lesson. it went pretty good, considering. the other 4 kids in her class had skated before, so she was pretty intimidated at first because she was the only one who didn't appear to know what they were doing. she started crying at which point one of the instructors took her aside and worked with her one-on-one for pretty much the entire lesson time, so she essentially got a private lesson. by the end of the lesson she was walking along out on the ice by herself and even *smiling* (gasp!) she said that she had a good time and that she was excited for next week's lesson (yay!) next week i'll try to get some pics, this week i was too busy hiding from her so she wouldn't be distracted.

Monday, March 2, 2009

he's figured it out already; or, they're magically delicious.

i gave samuel some lucky charms in his little snack cup tonight (yeah, whatever. don't bother with the "healthy snack" lectures.....we don't buy them that often.) he picked out all the plain pieces (thats a pile of them on the coffee table) and ate out all the marshmallows.