Friday, April 24, 2009

an overview :: our day in 250 words.

we started the day with coffee at tiff's. friends for katie to play with at coffee have become scarce since almost our entire original group has moved away. it is usually katie and a couple babies. she has decided that tiffany's baby, gabby, makes an awesome doll, and she likes to lead her around and sit her in her lap and read to her.....they were so stinkin' adorable today. we came home when austin got home from school to pick him up, then we headed over to the kitsap kid's playground (also known as the "castle park") where we met up with heidi, steven and sophie. that made both austin and katie happy :D we left just in time to take austin to karate, and then we met up with heidi and her kids again at mcdonald's for dinner. samuel fell asleep on the way home and was *not* pleased with me when i had to wake him up for a bath before bed. and katie fell asleep on the couch before i could even tuck her in. gotta love these beautiful warm spring days, where the kids can run free outside and get all tuckered out!

tomorrow does not look like it will be quite as nice as today, but it shouldn't be too bad. gonna go for a run with heidi at the Y in the morning, and then maybe take the bremerton/port orchard foot ferry over the the port orchard farmer's market, whose grand opening for the season is tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

i'm famous.

last weekend we went to several rummage sales; including the one held by austin's boy scout troop at the VFW (where i scored 3 gymboree blankets for $2.00, wooot!) we also went to the RAGS (Rotary Annual Garage Sale) held at the fairgrounds. while we were perusing the goods, some strange guy started snapping pics of us. i guess i must've given him my "what the heck're you doing?!" look, because he came over and told me he was with the Central Kitsap Reporter and that i had such adorable kids and could he put our pic in the paper? why, of course! why didn't you say so! now i need to go get my hands on a hard copy.

Monday, April 20, 2009

signs of warmer weather.

*walks on the beach*
*wearing capris*
*new growth in the garden*
*garage sales galore*
*the ice cream man*
*driving with the windows down*
*driveway doggy baths*

the weather here has been absolutely gorgeous lately. we've been spending lots of time outdoors....working in the yard, going for walks around the block, and visiting some local area beaches. a couple we've been to this week are shine tidelands state park and anna smith children's park. missy loves the beach, and went swimming despite the frigid water temps. brrrr. this of course meant she required a *bath*, not one of her favorite activities (despite her love of swimming in the water, go figure.) we usually take her to naturally 4 paws, they have an awesome self-service grooming center.....but when we got there discovered the grooming stations were closed due to their spring fair. ugh. so we had to resort to a driveway bath. which wouldn't have been bad had it been a ~little~ warmer. she was a trooper though; and she got lots of extra doggie treats afterwards.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

easter edition part deux.

here are some pics from easter day. we got up early and went to the 8 o'clock church service, then went up to my mom's in port townsend for the day. the easter bunny visited my mom's house instead of ours, since he knew we'd be leaving early and wouldn't have time at home.

samuel found his basket first (and all by himself, i might add!)
here he is enjoying his new book.
that silly rabbit hid katie's in the bathtub.

some attempts at a family pic:
would've been cute if samuel was looking, and dad's tie is screwy.
maybe katie can *not* do that thing with her hands next time; dad's tie is still wonky.

grammy and grammy-babies.

my mom has lots of deer that frequent her yard. apparently, they really like bird seed. the feeder was half-full when this one came and she polished it off.
this is what we affectionately refer to as samuel's "oh-face" (not to be confused with o-face, get your mind outta the gutter!) he points and goes "oh-oh-oh!" like a monkey. it is *so* funny.
and daddy pointing and doing the "oh-face", LOL

gram, sam and i

more to follow!

a pic a day--easter edition

so as i was looking through my easter pics, i realized there were *way* too many cute ones that i wanted to i will stretch it out over several days :)

the following are from the easter egg hunt on base, 4-11-09.
we arrived about 45 minutes early so we stopped at mickey D's to grab some lunch. they wanted to sit at their own table, and i just thought it was such a sweet sight when i looked over at them, eating together; austin's long dangling legs and katie's short ones.....

at the egg hunt, samuel's age category (2 and under) was first.....this was his 3rd hunt this year so he was beginning to get the jist of things, and realized that there was actually *candy* in all those eggs, so he didn't take as much cajoling as the 1st two hunts, LOL.....

we had some time between samuel's egg scramble and katie's, so austin wanted to take her over to the giant inflatable slide that was there. um, can i say "bad idea"?
i don't think you can actually see the look of pure terror on her face in the pic, but let me tell you, by the way she was screaming and carrying on, you would have thought she was dying. austin kept trying to get her to go down, to no avail. i had samuel on my back in the ergo, so i was no help, so nathan had to run over there, take his shoes off, climb up and slide down with her. it was quite comical, and they got quite a few laughs from the crowd that had gathered by this time.

katie was funny to watch at her egg scramble. nathan tried to coach her on her hunting strategy, telling her to go straight to the middle where most of the eggs were and start there, working her way outward....but she had her own ideas. she was quite selective on which eggs she picked up; she had scoped out the field and knew which ones she wanted. she would walk right past about 10 eggs just so she could get the red and black "ladybug" egg.

here is a pic of the kids with the easter bunny, whom samuel is not too sure about....
and a pic of aus and katie with what we refer to as the "ghetto-fied" bunny. i mean, c'mon, he even has a chain hanging out of his pocket; what is up with that?!

more pics soon to come!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

days with my father.

go read it. have a box of kleenex handy.