Friday, April 24, 2009

an overview :: our day in 250 words.

we started the day with coffee at tiff's. friends for katie to play with at coffee have become scarce since almost our entire original group has moved away. it is usually katie and a couple babies. she has decided that tiffany's baby, gabby, makes an awesome doll, and she likes to lead her around and sit her in her lap and read to her.....they were so stinkin' adorable today. we came home when austin got home from school to pick him up, then we headed over to the kitsap kid's playground (also known as the "castle park") where we met up with heidi, steven and sophie. that made both austin and katie happy :D we left just in time to take austin to karate, and then we met up with heidi and her kids again at mcdonald's for dinner. samuel fell asleep on the way home and was *not* pleased with me when i had to wake him up for a bath before bed. and katie fell asleep on the couch before i could even tuck her in. gotta love these beautiful warm spring days, where the kids can run free outside and get all tuckered out!

tomorrow does not look like it will be quite as nice as today, but it shouldn't be too bad. gonna go for a run with heidi at the Y in the morning, and then maybe take the bremerton/port orchard foot ferry over the the port orchard farmer's market, whose grand opening for the season is tomorrow.

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