Friday, February 5, 2010

completely random post.

this month was "reading olympics" at katies school. the kids had to read a total of 480 minutes over the course of the month to get a bronze medal....katie ended up with 512 minutes! thanks, in large part, to daddy.....who sat with her *almost* every night and read with her. sorry for the horrible grainy picture. i am too lazy to break out my camera's manual and figure out which settings to use under indoor flourescent lighting.

on another note, can i just say i didn't realize how wimpy i really am? i did a fitness assessment earlier this week at the Y, and they made me do all sorts of things i don't normally do. things like PUSH-UPS. and BENCH PRESSES (in which i just lifted the bar, mind you, and the teensiest pair of weights you've ever seen. i think it was 35 lbs. total maybe?) i thought my arms were going to FALL OFF the next day, people. i knew that upper body strength wasn't my forte.....but man, i guess i really need to work on that some more.

so if you are at all queasy or easily grossed out, just hold it right there, pardner.

last night samuel *once again* pooped in the tub. but he threw a new twist on it this time! just defecating in the bathtub wasn't enough anymore! last night, he decided, he would make a work of art with his poop and fingerpaint with it on the backsplash! his pièce de résistance, if you will. *blech*. needless to say, the bathtub is now probably the cleanest it's ever been, as i scrubbed it and sprayed the heck out of it with bleach afterwards.....

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  1. OH he's soo stickin proud too! Eva pooped in the tub a while ago, but I fished it out before she could paint.


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