Tuesday, February 9, 2010

skirt for me.

i'm so excited! i made my first article of clothing for MYSELF....a skirt. with a ZIPPER! so proud and excited that i conquered that hurdle; i've never done a zipper before. i used this skirt tutorial from the wonderful and talented Vanessa over at V&Co., though i didn't use a tablecloth....i found an awesome curtain that i fell in love with at Goodwill last weekend that i bought with the intention of making katie something. and then i ran across V's tutorial again and decided to make myself something instead :)




ETA: okay, i sewed the front panel so that the little bird i like so much would be facing the right way....then, after the fact, i realized that the butterfly on the front is upside down. sooo, i don't know what kind of flowers or bird it's supposed to be, but then i thought,"i wonder if the bird was supposed to be hanging upside down?" no clue. then i thought that i would probably be the only one to notice it anyway, so just oblige me and tell me you never would have noticed if i didn't say anything LOL
thanks for looking!

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  1. WHOOOOOOOOOTTTTT! you look smoking hot in it as well! congrats!!!!!! ;)


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