Wednesday, December 23, 2009

the "accessorize your mittens" scarf.

i saw this scarf from the *wonderfully* talented (and funny!) Vanessa over at V&Co. and knew i hadHADhad to make it. i love it. it is just so cute and sweet and RUFFLE-Y! it also reaffirms my theory that you can take the plainest thing and add ruffles and VOILA! it is instantly transformed into something (i use the term "instantly" very loosely, as even though it was easy enough to make, the ruffles took me after i was about three-quarters of the way done or so, i finally figured out the perfect method/tension to make my ruffles least i'll know for next time. *sigh*) so check it out and then run over and check out her tutorial, it is available for a limited time only, and then she is only going to be selling the pattern in her store!



  1. Wow that turned out great. I love it!! I need me one of those here. Great work lady!

  2. thanks shannon! yeah, looks like some pretty nasty weather up your way huh? hope you stay warm and snuggly! :)

  3. gorgeous!!! i'm totally linking!!!! yay!!!!


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