Thursday, June 10, 2010

concerts and graduations.

a clip from austin's band concert tuesday night.*

sorry if you get motion-sick while watching, i was holding a squirmy 2-year-old :)

and one from katie's kindergarten graduation today.*

i told nathan it was too bad he wasn't going to be here for katie's kinder grad ceremony, to which he replied "that stuff is for moms. the only thing i'd feel bad about missing is a high school graduation". LOL it was cute nonetheless; the kids sang some songs and were then presented with diplomas and then a little reception with cookies and punch.


katie and mrs. V, her wonderful-sweet-awesome teacher!!

katie and her best little girlfriend from school, cailey

*i don't know why blogger won't let me embed the videos in my post....anyone know why? i need help!

thanks for looking!


  1. OMG! She is sooooo big! Congrats, Katie! She looks lovely, just like her Mom... But what is she wearing around her neck? Is it a candy lei? Miss you guys.....

  2. thank you!! yes, it's a candy ambitious parent made them for all the kids LOL i miss you toooo!

  3. I thought I commented, but I was using my Iphone, and I guess I didn't. Anyway, just wanted to mention that I write a blog called "The Daily Nusz" too. It's I couldn't help but wonder if folks have found mine while looking for yours and vice versa? Small world, Nusz is a very uncommon last name. Your kids are beautiful! Cheers!


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