Wednesday, March 24, 2010

science project and honor roll. oh, and also my husband thinks he's a comedian.

this is katie's science fair project. her kindergarten class studied goldfish. here are her findings:

AND austin made the honor roll....way to go, big guy.

also, my husband thinks he is sooooo funny. puh-leaaase tell me that mine is not the only husband that is this obnoxious. while i was *trying* to take a poop in peace and quiet yesterday, he was busy harassing me and sending me e-mails about said poop. here is what was in my inbox yesterday:

Sent By:
On: Mar 03/23/10 7:12 PM
To: "Michele Nusz"
Cc: "Nathan P. Nusz"

Another smelly pooping incident by Michele Nusz occurred on March 23, 2010 at 7:05 P.M.
This smelly poop took place in the kids bathroom because Michele knew before she took it just how badly it would stink.
The poop was so stinky that Michele stank herself out of the kids bathroom and moved into the master bathroom for the 2nd half.
Michele tried to pretend that the stink was not the reason and that she had just not finished pooping.
This was not true because the 1st poop did stink and now she was stinking up the 2nd bathroom by 07:11 P.M.
Following the 2nd poop Michele still tried to pretend that it did not stink and denied all stinky smells
But in the end, both poops stunk equally one could deny it.

Prior to this, the last smelly poop occurred on:
Thursday, November 12th at 06:14 pm Michele pooped such a smelly poop that it stank from the bathroom to the kitchen table.
She tried to change the subject several times.
She tried to place blame on the diaper bag.
She tried to make me feel bad for walking in.
But in the end it was her smelly poop that stank up the downstairs.

Prior to this, the last smelly poop occurred on:
Personal Log 07/14/2008

Contrary to Michele's belief, her shit does in-fact stink as observed at 09:29 PM on the 14th day of July, 2008. The smell was horrendous and required emergency ventilating the bathroom.

Nathan Nusz

someone take him. PLEASE. LOL

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  1. for reals Nathan?! Find something better to do. I'm sure you like to poop in peace? I wish we could start emailing you about your poop issues.


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