Thursday, March 11, 2010

discovery bay half-marathon.....i'm doin' it!

so i just registered for a half-marathon....and i'm excited and nervous and giddy and scared and happy. all at the same time. i have NEVER run anything more than about 6 miles. i am not so scared that i'll *finish*, i KNOW i can finish...even if i walk part of it (which *hopefully* i won't have to...) but i am nervous about finishing WELL. about training properly in order to do so and the time that it entails. although one of my friends assured me that it won't be that much more than i already do....i'll just have to throw in a longer run in place of one of my short ones. she has also given me some pointers....some of which i'm not so sure i will follow the one about going commando. she says i will appreciate the fact that i have no underwear about mile 7 when it would start to rub and chafe. so now i am off to google some training schedules and do a little research on the subject....wish me luck! all you runners out there, feel free to chime in with any pointers that you may have! i'm clueless! LOL

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