Saturday, March 13, 2010

ear infections and baby showers.

sam has been acting kinda goofy for several days.....the other day he kept tripping over his own feet and must've fallen down about a dozen times. i attributed it to a growth spurt, i know sometimes that can throw off a kid's balance. last night as nathan was tucking the kids into bed, he called me into the bedroom. "has sam been acting sick today? because he's told me about 5 times now in the last 20 minutes that his ear hurt, and he's pulling on it." i said, uh, no, he hasn't said anything to ME about it....but who am i? i'm just his mom. so off to bed he goes, and about a half hour later we both hear him crying. we get to the top of the stairs and can hear his pathetic cry. it was so between sobs he was saying "ear hurt. ear hurt." so off to the ER i went with him. where he was diagnosed with a raging ear infection. and where they hooked us up with some good drugs. (thank you, tylenol with codeine, for allowing me a full nights sleep last night!) i am looking forward to another good nights sleep tonight, as i'll be drugging him right before bed. yesss!

and, today was hollie's baby shower. it was fun, and she got lots of good stuff. here's the link to a slideshow i put together for her (blogger for some reason wouldn't let me embed it)

thanks for looking!

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