Sunday, April 18, 2010

seriously? learn some phone etiquette, craigslist dude.

tonight my phone rings at 11:20. a little weird, since my mom is the only one that ever calls after about 10-ish and i know she is in bed already. the number shows up as some weird unidentified number with a "000" area code.

me: "uh, hello?"

weird, strung-out sounding dude (afterwards referred to as WSOSD): "uh yeah. i'm calling about the crib you have on craigslist."

me: "okaay.....did you wanna come by and look at it?"

WSOSD: "well, i uh, had a few questions about it first."

me: "okay..."


me: "uh, what did you want to know?"

WSOSD: "well first, how long have you had it?"

me: "well, we've used it for 2 kids, and our daughter is 6, so we've had it about 6 years."

WSOSD: "hmmmm. okaay. and my second question is has it ever been soiled on?"

me: "well, my babies have leaked through diapers before, but the mattress is waterproof so it can be wiped down."

WSOSD: "no, that's not my question. has the crib ever been soiled on before?"

me: (by now thinking this guy is just straight-up DUMB as a freakin' post or high as hell) "um, i'm not sure i understand your question. has the crib itself ever been peed or pooped on? nope."

(more silence)

WSOSD: "okay, well thanks, but i don't think i'm interested anymore. because i just don't think you're being straight-forward about something."

me: (is this guy for real?) "okay, well, i'm being completely straight-forward with you. if i sounded a little 'off' it's probably because i'm a little surprised anyone would be calling about it at 11:20 on a weeknight...."

WSOSD: "well, what's so surprising about that? some people LIST stuff, some people NEED stuff."

me: "my point is it's a little late to be calling. thanks for your interest." (about to hang up)

WSOSD: (raising his voice at me) "NO, YOU DON'T HANG UP FIRST, *I* HANG UP FIRST"

me: (yelling, right before i hang up) "WELL THEN GO AHEAD AND HANG UP NOW!"

the phone call was almost too bizarre to believe. wondering now if i have a friend who recognized the post as mine and had a husband or someone call just to screw with me? LOL i don't know why i'm surprised though, i think craigslist attracts about the same caliber of people as walmart.


  1. I love Walmart. And I've gone before in my pajamas. :) -Theresa

  2. theresa--SSHHHHHH! i have totally gone to walmart in my jams before tooo! LOL


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