Monday, November 23, 2009


you've been warned...if you don't wanna hear me brag on and on about my kid, just stop reading now. :)

so today was austin's parent/teacher conference. he has never had a "bad" conference....but i wasn't prepared for how *good* this one would be! his teacher, mrs. sund, went on and on about how great austin is, how respectful, how helpful....(and then i double-checked to make sure she was still talking about MY son LOL) anyhoos, she said he is a great student (evidenced by his 3.6 GPA and his 100% homework award)and how she had all the kids write down who they wanted to sit by because she is rearranging the room and everyone kept naming the same 3 or 4 kids....of which austin was one of. she said this was one of the easiest conferences ever because she had nothing to say about austin really except GOOD JOB, and KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! i was on CLOUD NINE when i left. my heart was totally overflowing with pride for this child who many days makes me wanna rip my hair out by the roots and run for the hills. i really need to ingrain this feeling in my memory so i can recall it on those days. hehe.

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