Tuesday, November 17, 2009

from fugly to functional :)

so i grew weary of searching through katie's mountains of hair pretties every day in an attempt to find that bow that i *know* she has that matches THIS OUTFIT but where oh where did IT GOOO?! her hair stuff needed a new home. i found this cute hairbow holder tutorial over at julie's blog (which, by the way, is also fabulous. she has the most touching but heart wrenching story of how her blog/etsy shop came to be, you should go check it out.) since i am WAY too cheap to shell out the $12.99 they want at joann's for a stretched canvas, i hit the goodwill and voila! found the perfect ugly picture to give new life to (for a mere $3.99!).


since it was painted black, i stapled some white flannel to it before i covered it with the cupcake fabric so it wouldn't show through. i had all the materials on hand (besides the canvas) so for $3.99 i turned said hideous picture into this:


i wish i had taken a pic before the bows were on so you could actually see how cute it turned out. but i spent waay too long organizing the bows on there, so you will just have to take my word for it :)

thanks for looking!


  1. Okay, That is cute! But I really think you should make her some more hair bows!!! heehee

  2. i know, right? LOL my husband saw it and said,"you JUST made that and it's already full! you need to make her another one!" haha.


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