Wednesday, February 25, 2009

missing! lost tooth!

last month katie lost her 1st tooth. one day she came to me and said "mommy, this tooth is wiggly!" and sure enough, it was. she wiggled and wiggled and wiggled some more, but it stubbornly refused to come out. daddy offered (more than once) to help her along by pulling it out with a string, but she declined. she does *not* like blood and when she found out that it might bleed when it fell out, she thought that maybe she would just leave it in there, LOL. after about a week of it hanging in her mouth by a teeny little thread, she ran into the kitchen one day frantically pointing to her mouth. it was dangling out of her mouth but still attached, so i plucked it off. in honor of the occasion, i made her a tooth fairy pillow from this tutorial. makes it *ever* so much easier for the tooth fairy ;0)


not even a week after she lost the first one (on 1-14-09), she lost the other bottom front tooth! her grown-up teeth are poking through now....

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