Sunday, February 15, 2009

a contagious headache; or, our recent puke-fest.

i've been MIA for a few days, i know.....last wednesday austin came home from school with a throbbing headache. he laid down on the couch as soon as he walked in the door and immediately fell asleep. i woke him up awhile later to see how he was feeling and his head still hurt so bad that he was crying (and let me tell you, he is no wimp. so for this to be accompanied by tears, i *knew* it must be bad.) i gave him some meds and he laid back down. 5 hours later his head ~still~ hurt. i was comtemplating taking him to the ER but decided to just drug him up some more, let him get a good night's sleep and see how he felt in the morn.

thursday morning he still had a headache, but he said it wasn't quite as bad. i didn't send him to school and he just chilled in bed all day, sleeping and watching t.v. intermittently. by thursday evening he was feeling better for the most part and was up and walking around and wanting to get on the computer (a sure sign to me that he was feeling better.)

fast forward to friday night (actually saturday morning) around 3 a.m. and i wake up to katie crying. she said that her head hurt really bad. strange. i'm thinking, a contagious headache? hmmm. i drugged her up with some tylenol, and in the morning she seemed to be doing better.

valentine's morning we all opened our valentines and then got ready. it was austin's last day at the merit badge clinic for boy scouts. so nathan ran him up to that while i got myself and the other kids ready. when he got back we went to the Y and worked out, then stopped for a skinny-blended-mocha-with-whipped-cream at cafe perfetto (yummilicious!) on our way back to pick austin up. we all came home and got cleaned up and had lunch and then we went out for an afternoon drive. in the middle of the drive katie starts complaining about her head again, so we tell her to just lay it on her brother and close her eyes and rest. we had planned on going out for pizza, but decided to just pick it up and take it home since she wasn't feeling well. good thing, too, because as soon as we got home she took 2 bites of pizza and promptly puked *everywhere*. herself, the couch, the rug, me, the kitchen floor.....covered. i do not usually have a weak stomach, and i've been puked on plenty in my day.....but this made my stomach churn. the sheer *amount* of throw-up and the green, chunky consistency as i was trying to push it into the dustpan made me almost warrant a bathroom run of my own (aren't you glad you are reading this now? LOL) thankfully, she was feeling waaay better this morning. but, that is why i haven't had too very much computer time the last few days. i hope to do better this week.

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