Sunday, February 22, 2009

90 years young.

today was my gram's 90th b-day. holy cow. guess i've got some longevity genes going for me. she had a very memorable day....her family flew in from all over the country to surprise her. we went to molly ward garden's for brunch this morning. it was a very cute little eclectic place, though their menu was a bit high-falutin' for me. i ordered the ham and gruyere cheese timbale, even though i didn't know what the heck a "timbale" was. i figured it must have something to do with eggs. i was right, it was a custard-type egg dish, similar to a quiche but not quite as firm and no crust. it would have been really good sans mushrooms. (yuck). it'd be a *great* little place to go ~without~ kids; but samuel was a handful and then some. and there were lots of little "pretties" that he could break laying around everywhere, agh!

everyone met up a little early so we would all be there when my mom brought her in (she thought she was just coming to have brunch with me.) she was very surprised and emotional and teary when she walked in and saw us all sitting there. after brunch we all went back up to my mom's in port townsend to visit and have cake and presents. it was a hoot sitting around listening to my crazy aunts, LOL....they are a riot. i hope her 100th proves to be as much fun.

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