Wednesday, October 27, 2010

costume reveal!


here we have the littles' costumes, which have cost me precious blood/sweat/tears the last week or two.



LIL' RED: skirt is made from house on hill road's tutorial with an added apron front. shirt is loosely based on the top of a dress she already has. cape is loosely based on a dress-up cape she has as well. faux corset i just winged it, 2 rectangles of polyester satin crap invented by the devil himself (can you tell i don't like sewing with it?!) with ribbon "lacing" up the front. oh, and the *perfect* basket for the part that i scored at value village for 99₵.



CUTE LITTLE WOLF (as opposed to "big bad", he's just too cute :): found the hat/mitten thingy at a store up in canada. winged the tail and some shoe covers outta gray fleece.

the wolf "gettin'" lil' red.

please-please-PLEASE just don't let it rain on halloween night now!

thanks for looking!


  1. LOVE them both!! I so did not get my kiddos made like I wanted to...:( Oh well what can ya do..Super cute Awesome job!! What a mom :)


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