Sunday, August 8, 2010

t-shirt recon.

yesterday i purged my kids' closets/dressers to determine what they still needed for school clothes. i had austin make me a pile of whatever didn't fit/he didn't wear/didn't like. there were 2 hanes t-shirts in the pile, a black one and a grey one. i decided to recon them into a skirt for katie. i wanted more of a tiered twirly skirt, but i was lazy and didn't want to do any more cutting/piecing than necessary so the result is more of a colorblock look. then i decided she needed a shirt to go with it, so i pulled out this white shirt that was stained on the front and covered some of the stainage with some flowers from the leftover shirt remnants. so for exactly zero dollars, i reconstructed/revamped 3 old shirts into a new outfit for katie. it makes me feel good to give new life to something that would have otherwise been headed for the trash or goodwill!


(close-up of flowers)

thanks for looking!


  1. WOW! These are super dupe cute!! Repurposing is such a good feeling, and I think I want a shirt for me! :)


  2. I saw your link on "made by you". I just refashioned an old shirt of mine to be a toddler dress, and I sewed flowers on- similar to yours. But yours look so much better! What's your secret??

  3. Love it I have been wanting to refashion some t-shirts lately too! So cute good job!

  4. thanks for the comments!

    alison--you should totally recon a shirt for yourself :)

    lori--the secret is the right camera angle LOL seriously. hides a multitude of flaws :)

    hillary--do it! it's so quick and easy and FUN!


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