Wednesday, August 11, 2010

an example of our twisted senses of humor; OR why my kids will need years of therapy later.

so austin left last sunday for a week-long camp. i guess it took katie til tuesday to realize her brother was gone, as she had not been around on sunday when i took him to camp. she asked nathan where austin was, and he totally deadpanned: "he was being bad, so we sold him to a family in wyoming."

coincidentally, i happened to find a bed to put in his room this week as well. i thought we'd get the old one out (which he never actually slept in anymore) and the new one in, get his room all clean and organized for when he gets home. so while i was gone picking up the new one, nathan was at home disassembling the old one.

when i got home, nathan told me what he'd told katie. i laughed, not thinking she would actually *believe* him. most of the time, she'd call him out...."daddy, you're just kidding!" or "you're teasing me!" awhile later, i looked over at her and she had big huge teary eyes. i said "katie? what's the matter?" and she cries the most heartbreaking cry: "i-i-i w-want m-my b-buuuuuubbbbby b-back!" i could not help but burst out laughing. i said "katie! daddy was just kidding! we didn't *really* sell austin." and she replies "well then where is he and why did you take away his bed?" it was so sweet and funny and poignant and sad all at once.....and it reassured me that no matter how much they bicker, they really DO love one another.


  1. HA! Okay remember when she KNEW I was hurting Austin...that's another example of her loving him despite their fighting.

  2. omigosh, i had totally forgotten about that!! yeah, she was really upset when she thought you were hurting her bubby!! haha, that makes my heart all warm and fuzzy <3


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