Saturday, January 30, 2010

all you need is


i saw this shirt over at are we there yet? it is in her banner at the top of her page....but i couldn't find a tutorial anywhere with the template she used for the letters. i attempted to re-create something similar in Word to no avail. nothing was as cute as what she used. i could have e-mailed her and asked if she used a template....but that would have required waiting for a response and patience, which i have none of when i get an idea and start to run with it. and i already had the turquoise shirt laying there just waiting for a project, and when i saw HER shirt and got the idea to do a red and turquoise version (because i am obsessed with all things red and turquoise lately) i resorted to tracing the letters off of the computer screen and then enlarging them on the copier....what can i say? desperate times call for desperate measures, folks :) and i *heart* how it turned out.


thanks for looking!

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