Wednesday, January 13, 2010

all she wants for.....{valentine's day}? is her two front teeth.

katie lost her other top front tooth this morning! a few weeks later than i wanted her to LOL.....would've been cute for christmas pics.


in crafty news, i have been on an organizing kick. in addition to (trying!) to organize my sewing area, i made a couple drawstring bags for the kids. one for katie's cupcake-making stuff, and one for sam's mr. potato head (cause he has too many misc. body parts to store in his body like you're supposed to!) i used this super-easy tutorial and i love how they turned out! sam LOVES his bag and totes it around on his shoulder like a purse LOL....and can i just say how in love i am with that potato fabric?! i saw it at Pacific Fabrics and knew it's fate instantly :)



thanks for looking!

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  1. bags are super cute!!! i still can't believe how far ahead katie is of payton in losing teeth! sam's a little stud puppy.


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