Saturday, January 21, 2012

Valentine's wreath.

i used the same tutorial for this wreath as i did for my st. patty's day wreath that i did a couple years ago. scored the heart-shaped wreath form at joann's with a 40% off coupon for just over $3, and 10 sheets of felt at 3 for $1 is $3.33. don't recall exactly how much the maribou trim was, but it wasn't more than a couple bucks, so the entire cost for this project was under $10.




i attached a long ribbon to the back and tied the bow at the top cause i liked how that looked. the maribou doesn't really show that much looking at it from the front, but it does hide the edges of the wreath were the felt rosettes stopped.

PSA: when a project calls for a specific number of items (like 8 sheets of felt), it's probably a good idea to buy a couple extra. i ran out of felt tuesday night when i was about 80% done with the wreath, the same night that our snow hit. i didn't venture out anywhere that was not absolutely neccessary the next couple days, and it would have been really nice to finish this project up during one of those long, boring snow days. as soon as the snow started melting, i hurried my butt on over to pacific fabrics for some more felt.

thanks for looking!

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