Monday, April 11, 2011

trash-to-treasure storage jar pedestals.

i loved this idea when i saw it over on eighteen25.....and i love when i have everything for a project on hand already. i took some pickle jars and some candle holders that i had, spray-painted the lids/candle holders a matte black, and then glued the jars to the candlesticks.


i still need to get something for the 3rd jar....i'm thinking some pretty jordan almonds maybe? and i love that i can change them out for the different seasons!

thanks for looking!


  1. Really cool idea! :D

    ps I can see your eggs.

  2. Awesome...i totally want to steal this idea!

  3. very cute!! i love them in black!! and i love the one with the grass and eggs!! thanks so much for sharing with us!
    jen :)

  4. love this idea! i just sprayed some mason jars and put plants in them.


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