Wednesday, February 16, 2011

owl ipod cozy.

so i have this friend....who loves all things "owl" (oh, HI wendy!) and she has mentioned before that i should make her an ipod case. so when i saw these offered up on etsy....i had to attempt one! i think it turned out pretty cute, for my first attempt! i'm not really all that keen on hand stitching....and if you look really closely you'll see lots of flaws, but it adds CHARACTER i tell myself. i hope wendy thinks so too :)


ones for sale on etsy (for $22, i might add!)

thanks for looking!


  1. flaws??? I don't see any. You my friend are so good at sewing. Did you make all those little owls? or is that the thread from Etsy?

    Super cute little owl!!

  2. aww, thanks mel ♥ and no i did NOT make all of those, they are the ones from etsy!


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