Thursday, January 29, 2009

joining the 21st century.

in an attempt to join the rest of the world, i have decided to create my own blog. thus enabling the rest of my extended family to peek into our lives and keep up with us and the kids. a little side benefit being, that one of my friends (thanks theresa!) informed me that you can print out your blog into a book.....and seeing as how i have gotten so lackadaisical with the kids' scrapbooks (poor samuel doesn't even have one!) i thought this would be an ideal way to document the milestones in their lives. since i spend about one-half of my life in front of the computer anyways.

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  1. Oh my heck, I'm so famous! That hula cake you made was way cute. Too bad we got there AFTER the party and didn't see it in person. Oh well, Katie is still grown and matured to 5. Cute little thing like her momma.


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