Friday, January 30, 2009

getting ready for the par-tay!

today is gonna be a doozy. i need to get my butt in gear to make it to coffee at tiff's, and then i need to go to the commissary because on top of our pantry getting pretty bare, i have to get all of the snacks for katie's party tomorrow. then, come home, bake a barbie cake, get the rest of the party favors made (party is a luau theme and i'm making some cute lil' candy leis), *frost* the barbie hula-girl cake.....then throw in there all the normal stuff like getting austin to karate and laundry and making is stressing me out just thinking about it. ach.

11:41 pm

well i made it through the day....the snacks are bought, the cake is made, the party favors are (almost!) done......and i am ready for a glass of wine. or maybe just straight to bed. tomorrow promises to be a long day as well......austin has a merit badge clinic in the morning up in poulsbo, i have to finish the candy leis, and then katie's luau party at the bainbridge pool at 1......i will post pics shortly after the party!

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